Egor Krid shared a rare baby photo

Егор Крид поделился редкой детской фотографией
Recently 23-year-old popular singer Yegor Krid shared with fans of photography, which was a pleasant surprise.

Егор Крид поделился редкой детской фотографией

The picture shows a young man imprinted in childhood with the mother. This photo was taken in 2001, when Yegor went to school in the first grade.

Егор Крид поделился редкой детской фотографией

“2001. My mother brought me for the first time in the first class of the 6th linguistic gymnasium in Penza. Crossing the threshold of the school, small Yegor Nikolaevich did not know what lies ahead… the School years flew by. Even sometimes miss the carefree childhood. Small school bag was replaced with a large portfolio of knowledge and a great experience. I can’t believe this photo was taken 16 years ago… How time flies! Appreciate it and don’t waste it”, – signed photo of Egor.

Fans admired the photo and left a lot of comments.

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