Егор Крид всерьез задумался о детях In the next five years, the singer is planning to acquire offspring. Egor Krid knows that the most important people in the life of every person is family. However, before you become a father, the singer should reconsider a busy schedule.

      Егор Крид всерьез задумался о детях

      The favourite of all teenagers Egor Krid over the past few months gave 55 shows, and have shot a new video for the song “I like”. Musician acknowledges that this schedule is very taxing, but at the same time is fun. 22-year-old singer understands that in a few years he will have to change something in your life. In particular, Yegor says that he would like to become a dad.

      “Maybe in five years I will have a wife, a child. A couple of years ago, I had a strong desire to become a father. I wanted to be on the same wavelength with your child: when he is twenty, I will be able to converse with him on the same topic, will be able to be his friend. Guided by these considerations, wanted the baby sooner, faster. This wish is still not quenched, but now I’m to this question are “the head,” said creed.

      According to the musician, with a career it will only be “dad on Skype”, which it is, of course, would not suit. He wants to see how it will grow the baby, as the baby will say the first word and starts walking. The singer claims that she loves kids very much, just as long as they don’t kick-off.

      Creed believes that every year he becomes wiser. “I have tried to change their inner qualities to become more serious, calm, thoughtful attitude to all things, situations. I’m more Mature, gradually transformed from a guy into a real man”, – said Yegor.

      For a musician it is very important the concept of “family”. The singer is grateful to her parents that they raised him. Unfortunately, he seldom sees them, as they live in Penza, but this does not prevent him to save mom and dad a friendly relationship.

      Creed believes that if something you really want, that wish will come true. “I said to myself: “All the wishes and dreams you can realize – for this you need to do something”. Not just to think, and to take and do,” – said Ivanov in an interview with “Telenedelya”.

      By the way, yet the heart of the charming singer free. He very carefully in choosing companions. Yegor repeatedly convinced that it is impossible to judge a girl just by their appearance, and it is necessary to understand what internal qualities she possesses.

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