Egor Krid reproached the mother in the wrong upbringing of two children

Егор Крид упрекнул маму в неправильном воспитании двоих детей
Egor Krid only chooses a bride and dreams about children, but this does not prevent him to look at Instagram to other mums who live much simpler than it is.

Егор Крид упрекнул маму в неправильном воспитании двоих детей

And the reason for this was the comment of the user of the social network of Tatiana with silk threads, which, to the post of Yegor about his truce with Habib:

“Finally everything was solved the way it was supposed to be decided! Yes there will be Peace.”


“How is that not congratulated? Waited for Tim reconciled with Habai? Stiff was?”.

What Egor said: “I Went to your account and felt so sorry for your children. What will be taught their Mother…”.

Rarely to penetrate to the positions of Egor, but this comment caught. Indeed, the Internet is so negative, which casts a shadow on real life.

Why do people think that you have the right to Express his valid point, and just throw in the air a piece of shit and to shut up.

If not for Instagram (in the comments, not the whole Internet in General), I had no idea that in this world so many evil people…

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