Egor Krid on the project “the Bachelor”: “I’m not looking for a wife”

Егор Крид о проекте «Холостяк»: «Я не ищу жену» The singer told who he was looking for. In the latest edition of the TV show Egor Krid introduced the girls to their parents. In the microblog artist shared emotions.
Егор Крид о проекте «Холостяк»: «Я не ищу жену»

On the eve of the project “the Bachelor” left Galina Ciblis. She and the other two participants of the show, Daria Klyukina and Viktoriya Korotkova, met with the parents of Yegor, Nikolay and Marina Bulatkina, as well as his sister Pauline. The creed before our eyes the example of two loving each other people. His mom and dad many years together. In the release of the father of the artist sang a song which touched everyone present so that they are unable to hold back the tears. Talking about feelings, Yegor left a meaningful post.

“Honesty. Sincerity. Love. The main components of my life. The project “the Bachelor,” I come with a clean heart, but stale. The disappointments of the past has left its mark. I have repeatedly said that I am not looking for a wife, I’ll be glad if I meet someone close to me. For me love is the feeling that comes with years in the relationship. My parents – an indicator of true love. I hope that in the future I will create at least a strong Union,” said creed.

Yegor is watching what you write about it in social networks. The singer constantly checks for participating in the project, not lying. Initially, the artist has set a goal to show it as it is. “I came to give you a present. To show make life! That is why, this is the first “Bachelor,” which became the event. A record number of hits for all time of existence of the program,” said Yegor.

Recall that during familiarization with the parents themselves are best shown by Galina Ciblis. Also they liked Viktoriya Korotkova, and Daria Klyukina failed correctly to apply himself and earn a positive evaluation from the sister of the singer. But the show left Galina. According to creed, he needs an older woman. “Yegor I was not disappointed, of course. On the contrary, I am very grateful for every moment on the project, for all the visits and our communication and everything that happened with us,” said Chibli after leaving the project.

Fans are actively discussing the issue online. Some believe that Yegor wonder said goodbye with Galya, and is called Vika and Dasha Actresses that do not have enough sincerity.