Egor Krid not invited Daria Klucina birthday

Егор Крид не пригласил Дарью Клюкину на день рождения The singer had fun with friends. Egor Creed turned 24, and on this occasion he gathered colleagues, numerous friends on a luxury party. Many fans expected that the artist will be at the event with Daria Lukinoj, but he chose to appear in the parent.
Егор Крид не пригласил Дарью Клюкину на день рождения

June 25 the most eligible bachelor of the domestic show-business turned 24. On this occasion, Egor Krid decided to throw a massive celebration, which brought together his many friends. At the feast were seen Timati, the singer she and her husband, Natalia Rudova, Nazim and many others.

But the finalists show “the Bachelor” Daria Klyukina and Viktoriya Korotkova has not received invitations to the event. Many fans expected this evening Egor Krid dispel the numerous rumors surrounding his personal life, but the actor preferred to keep the intrigue, appeared at the ceremony in the company of parents.

Егор Крид не пригласил Дарью Клюкину на день рождения

The event was held in one of Moscow’s karaoke clubs. The hall was decorated with black balloons and inflatable figures bugs Bunny.

A few hours before the party Daria touching Klyukina congratulated Yegor’s birthday, a sincere wishing him happiness.

“Happy birthday. Let your personal New year be filled with love, harmony, tranquility and posts about the same Dasha. Joke. I wish you warmth, Sunny mood and good sincere people around. Your Clew,” wrote Daria on Instagram.

Egor also shared a fun video featuring the girls heating rumors about their secret romance. However, after the celebrations in honor of the birthday of creed, many fans came to the conclusion that the musician is still alone.

By the way, fans of Yegor also unable to stay away from the holiday. They have prepared for the artist numerous gifts and was presented with a cake and balloons. A little later, the musician thanked all those who made him truly happy in this important day.

“I want to say a big thank you to all my family, friends that were with me today on my holiday. From my heart I thank each of my fan who wrote a post, comment, congratulation. Be happy, take care of yourself, and let everything be well”, – said Yegor after the holiday.
Егор Крид не пригласил Дарью Клюкину на день рождения

The musician not only took gifts and greetings during the celebration, but still managed to speak. He performed several songs solo and also sang along with Timothy and Nasimi. The logical conclusion of the evening was the appearance of a fancy cake. On its top was installed figure creed to which clamber two girls.

In the end, the celebration ended only in the morning. Judging by the fun photos from the celebration, the birthday of Yegor creed was a success. Fans continue to hope that in the near future the singer will cease so actively to hide personal life.