Egor Krid made fun of the final show “the Bachelor”

Егор Крид высмеял финал шоу «Холостяк» The artist has published on the page in the social network of funny parody. Many bloggers filmed the clips where you made fun of a television season, with the participation of Egor creed. The musician appreciated the humor.
Егор Крид высмеял финал шоу «Холостяк»

Daria Klyukina won the project “the Bachelor”, whose main character was Egor Krid. However, apparently, after the show they parted ways. The artist did not comment on relationship with a girl, and whenever possible, laughing at her. He pretended he didn’t even know that Dasha was in the previous season by Ilya Glinnikov. Then the victory was won by Katya Nikulina, but with it, the actor then broke up. “Yes, okay? And I don’t know. What do you want to ask me? Whether it is to participate in the program with Buzova? Let him wear a wig and goes”, – said Yegor in a show.

He continued to laugh “the Bachelor.” Creed did a repost of a parody of the social network page. The video mocking the end of the show.

“There is a sense of humor, which, in fact, not humor, but insult, for which I don’t mind and face smash. And there is a very talented parody and this is one of the best! I simply laughed out loud. Satyr – good for him!” – said Yegor.

In the movie the main character, like Yegor, he said to the girl, not marry her, because it was all for show. Fans of the project believe that in reality and Egor and Dasha just made a great advertisement, but decided to leave.