Egor Krid is going to give parents a grandchild

Егор Крид собирается подарить родителям внука
The singer talked about fatherhood on the day of his birth.

Photo: Instagram

Egor Krid, a favorite of millions of girls in our country yesterday celebrated his 24th birthday. The singer has achieved a lot at this age. The only thing he have is his own family. But the rapper has promised parents in the very near future to fix this point.

“Completed another productive year. Today I was born, — Egor wrote in a personal blog. — Mom and Dad, thank you for life. I believe and hope that in the coming years will also give life to your child. I will look to you in education. Proud of you!”

Fans of the creed approved of his plans. The case for small — to find a worthy mother to the future children of the singer. So far he has failed to build his personal life. Of course, girls Yegor was, and a lot! But a serious relationship did not work out. In this Yegor did not help even the project of channel TNT “the Bachelor”, the final of which was held recently on TV.

In the final project, he presented the ring models Daria Lukinoj, but rumor has it that the young people ended the relationship immediately after shooting. Creed until yesterday did not disclose details of his personal life, attracting attention of the public. A few times he has publicly approved of the parody, which was shot in his fans that the wedding with Daria will not.

But yesterday, he finally dedicated the publication of the Network Daria Lukinoj. Fans have been waiting for the post about the “Dasha” the final show “the Bachelor.” Many wanted to know whether the couple together after the shooting. And here in a Network there was a short video from the meeting of the pair, shot by Egor.

Captured on camera handling creed assured fans that “post about Dasha” will not, but then revealed that spends the night in the company of Lukinoj. Video has already been seen more than 6.4 million users. Although no more comments from Yegor has not been received, fans believe that the movie is official confirmation of the novel pairs. And 12 hours after this video creed suddenly started talking about children. Coincidence? I don’t think.

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