Egor Krid disappointed in show business

Егор Крид разочаровался в шоу-бизнесе The popular actor performed in Voronezh. While on tour, Egor Krid told reporters about their everyday work, and also has told about the acquaintance with the model Bella Hadid and shared with respect to large monetary expenditures.

23-year-old Egor creed – one of the most popular young artists. A performer since childhood, dreamed of becoming a musician and dreamed about success. To draw attention to yourself, Yegor began to put their creativity to the Network. After a cover of the budding artist for the song Timothy, “don’t go crazy” has garnered over a million views, it drew the attention of the label Black Star.

As it turned out, despite his age, Whitney had already disappointed in show business. About the artist told reporters during a tour of Voronezh, where he brought new songs from the album “What do they know?”.

“The world of show business has disappointed me. Of course, expectations and reality did not match. When looking at artists on TV, I think their life is something unimaginable, to which it is impossible to touch, in front of their car, they spread the red carpet, the paparazzi shoot them… – said the artist. – Actually, there is another side of the coin. We are ordinary people, too, take food in containers, we also have our own problems.”

Creed added that the public people has its own burden. Singer believes that they are responsible in front of an audience. “You can affect not only in positive but also in a negative way”, – explained the artist.

Egor admitted that he tries not to squander money. Some acquaintances of the young man, on the contrary, do not care about the expenses and can spend a hundred thousand dollars in half an hour. Creed is more reasonable to treat your earnings, although sometimes allows himself an expensive purchase, for example, “G”.

“That was the main dream, but I earned it. For me, this internal pride. (…) If you have an unlimited card, you can do anything, but you have to understand that there are people who are in need, and they need help too”, – said the artist.

Some time ago creed met supermodel Bella Hadid. It happened during the holidays artist in Dubai. According to Yegor, he invited Belle to dinner. Hadid came along with a friend of the artist Elena Perminova, the wife of billionaire Alexander Lebedev. Creed noted that Bella seemed to him a simple and very cheerful girl.

In addition, Declan has shared some plans for the future. The singer announced that he would like to record a joint track with rapper Belarusian Oleg LSP. “Not yet started – because of congestion,” added creed in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.