Егор Крид разочаровался в старом друге Artist outraged by the behavior Nastya Smirnova on the project “the Bachelor.” Egor Krid expressed its position on the last edition of the reality show. Now for the guy’s heart will fight only three girls.
Егор Крид разочаровался в старом друге

Egor Krid understand that competition on the show “the Bachelor” is gaining momentum. At the end of this month, the singer will choose the one that will be with it beyond the set. Last issue left the project and two girls, Anastasia Smirnova and Olga Lomakina. With the first creed was familiar to the project. He worried that he would have to reconsider its attitude to Nastya, as she was now in the role of his potential lover.

Having concluded after filming the last issue, Egor shared his emotions with the fans.

“A lot of that showed, though, was that! That only is our relationship with Nastya and her subsequent withdrawal from the project, and my disappointment in it. Other participants revealed in the process of filming is much stronger than shown. From the side you probably think that this actress and the theater, but it was sincerely and truly,” said creed.

By the way, the followers of the artist was unhappy that she was gone from the show. “I was in shock caused behavior Egor after leaving Nasti. Sat and laughed…. Cindy you know a lot more than others. If she was in real life some bitch, you would hardly communicate with her”, “Nastya does not want to “invest in relationships” if a man does not die of love with her”, “she’s not able to respect other people and their opinions,” said in the comment on the creed.

She said Smirnov “StarHit”, she was afraid that a different outcome on the project could easily ruin their friendship.

Егор Крид разочаровался в старом друге“In SMS, I explained it to him. Is the main reason for my leaving, but about it nobody will ever know. Very sorry that went that way. Wanted to do it on a good note. However, this group date with a lawyer, where he asked questions, like an interview… I Think, Yegor realized that we did not succeed relationships in the project. After a project is possible. All the deep emotions it will still show after the project”, – said the girl “StarHit”.

Personally creed learned some of the rules: “don’t make a clown out of any situation. A girl should always behave in a feminine and noble. If you haven’t closed the door on past relationships, you should not start other”, – said Yegor. By the way, the last paragraph refers to Victoria Korotkova, which is not a divorce with her husband over a long period of time. But for the sake of Krida, she brought this case, showing the receipt in the microblog.