Egor Krid did not remain silent on the criticism of the show “the Bachelor”

Егор Крид не стал молчать на критику шоу "Холостяк"
Currently on TNT enters the sixth season of the show “the Bachelor,” where your mate is trying to find a popular singer Yegor Krid.

Егор Крид не стал молчать на критику шоу "Холостяк"

Often netizens have accused the creators of the show that the show is all happening on a pre-written script. Yegor hurried to refute this information.

Егор Крид не стал молчать на критику шоу "Холостяк"

“What about the commentators? Sometimes it seems that there sits one and the same idiot and writes with different accounts. Who doubts that the project of the Bachelor with me — real and no-holds may simply not to watch this. But to open your mouth and talk nonsense I will not give. I put my soul and opened all over the country. I’m not going to take responsibility and say that the previous seasons were fair. I haven’t watched and don’t know. But I can tell you one thing! While there, you feel a lot of emotion and it is impossible to lie! Well, unless if you’re insensitive people,” — said in his microblog artist.

Whether Yegor find on the show the girl will want to link their lives, only time will tell.

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