Егор Крид поздравил Нюшу с беременностью
Ex-boyfriend of the singer time a pleasant change in her life.

Egor Krid and Nyusha

Egor creed, which several years ago was a bright affair with Jane, and congratulated
her with the upcoming changes in his personal life. A musician who is a hero
the new season of the TV show with the telling title “the Bachelor,” said the former
the beloved words of support due to the fact that in a few months she
for the first time will become a mother.

“Jane, congratulations on your pregnancy. If it’s a boy, congratulations
a kid in your family. Well, if it’s a girl, the second case is not relevant for our
of the country,” said Egor, the TV channel RU TV. Apparently, the conflict over
which creed and Nyusha with the scandal broke in 2016, is already fully

Last year Egor for the first time — and last time — spoke about the former
relations with Nyusha.

“It is
time to summarize, because too many rumors spinning around. Need times
and for all clear answer, said creed. — I would not say that I have
had an affair with singer Nyusha. Novels with singer Nyusha twist those guys who
want to be with her as a singer, and I had an affair with Anya. And perceived I
exactly like a real girl, not some singer or image from the scene. We
met her at the beginning of my journey, when I barely earned
money. She had everything, she was a superstar. She has skated on expensive
machines and hooked me in it that she began to meet me with the usual
guy. So, this was sincerity. I will not speak for her entire family,
because she is a great mom, but the rest of her family is not very
supported choice as didn’t think I was serious, and what could I tell her
to give — I had no money. I’m always talking about us in many
interview, but always called her “She,” but Nude is the best girl
was in my life. She was my motivator, gave me a kick when I
he lowered his hands. For three years I tried writing, but nothing
worked. For all this I want to say a huge thank you.

Her parents
thought I’m Dating her because you want PR to his career
move. That’s why I’m so intent on keeping this relationship. I have never
said, knew only the closest friends. Ugly on their part
all deny it and say, “Yes who is this. I don’t know. We barely
communicate.” She was the first girl I was very serious about it. I
wanted children and saw her as his bride. The song “The very best” was written about
her, then the Bride, in her phrases: “Your parents don’t like me talking nonsense,
they say, he will kill you”, is all our history. At the end of the relationship when
we broke up, I realized that men cry. I arrived at the Studio, recorded
a song that summed up the entire album “the Bachelor”, “the Beach”. This is the
personal, serious, grown-up my song, I wrote every line, and the tears flowed. In
that time I was going through each line, like cut my heart and get
from there on the line. Every time I sang it at concerts, I thought about it.”