Egor Krid confessed to craving for Mature women

Егор Крид признался в тяге к зрелым женщинам The young musician spoke about his preferences. Egor Krid long had the reputation of the idol of adolescent girls. The artist knows what women appreciate men regardless of age. The singer admitted that he had Affairs with women much older than him, but it absolutely did not hinder their happiness.

      Popular musician Egor Krid has managed to become a real idol for teenagers. For their songs the young singer had the reputation of a true romantic. Although Egor is often the naive hero of girlish dreams, the artist himself admits that he had a relationship with ladies much older than him. Despite the age difference, the young man could find something that needed his beloved.

      “I have had Affairs with women and for 10 years, and 12 years older, and with each I was differently interesting. I realized that any girl with a man wants to feel weak. Especially one who is building a career and working really hard. She wants to come home, nothing to prove and to be with someone who’s just a hug. And any man wants to come home and breathe,” – says the artist.

      Now the Creed, of 22 years, and he is not seeking to tie down the knot. Despite the fact that a couple of years ago Egor dreamed about family and children, now he changed his view on this question. The artist understands that you will not be able to fully pay attention to the child. The musician admits that will take their cue from their parents – will not be over-protective heirs and allow them to make some mistakes.

      “Probably when I have children, it will be very difficult, especially if it’s a girl. Can’t imagine your reaction when the daughter goes on a date with a guy,” shared the concerns of the artist.

      Despite the fact that Egor creed and looks up to his parents, he admits that none of his passions were not similar in appearance to his mother. The young man did not limit himself to a specific template – it is ready to fall in love with a girl who can touch his soul. Thanks to the wise guidance of the Pope, Egor pays attention not to the external data chosen. Egor creed: “a Kept – not for me”

      “I have always dated girls who prefer natural, but do not rule out that someday I will like a woman with something “made”. Don’t want to judge anyone. What is outside, only the picture. My dad once said “Son, at your age I too some girls are only liked because of looks, but all my life I live with that, I appreciate more for the interior quality. You’re staying with someone because you love and respect him,” creed confessed in an interview with Cosmopolitan.