Egor Krid can’t forget about love gone

Егор Крид не может забыть об ушедшей любви The young man shared his experiences. Egor Krid decided to tell about the feelings of his fans. He has released a new clip which did not hold back her emotions and tried to throw out everything that had accumulated in the shower.

Egor Krid has released a new video for the song “can’t” from the new album “What do they know?”. This work was very personal for the artist. In the video he talks about the experiences, feelings to the girl, parting with which it can not survive. Regret overwhelm the soul of a musician, but because the artist again and again recalls the lost the error of love.

“Well. The second single from the album “What do they know?” “I can’t” acquired the visualization! Wanted to give you at least a little bit your status in song. He put his soul into this album, track and video. Even assembled himself,” said creed.

Fans were delighted with the video Yegor. They appreciated the efforts of the artist, and hastened to leave feedback. “Generally, the clip is interesting, the experimental. Don’t know about you, but I liked this style, Very stylish coloring, I especially liked the water and on top of it! Often obtained the twilight, in the square style, and it is a pleasure to watch! And skin colour, and muted blue! And the angles of shooting! Look and get into the atmosphere. And there is no question “what did the author want to say”. Very cool”, “I Love the moment when the clip you want to kiss her and at the last moment to leave,” wrote the followers of the musician.

The artist was delighted that his work made a lasting impression on the audience. He thanked all who appreciated the work of the whole team. Egor was pleasantly surprised when the video for a short time have collected a huge number of views in the Network.

“For 10 hours my new video received one million hits, 61 thousand likes and we are already in fifth place in the trends of YouTube. Thank you all for your support. For me this is very important, the team spent a lot of time and effort to make this video turned out exactly the way we have been able you ask it today! Thank you so much, you are the best” asked creed to the fans.