Егор Крид признался, что мечтает о семье и детях

Egor creed in a very short time had strengthened the title of pet of all adolescents.

22-year-old by his example shows that if you work hard, it will be rewarded. So, the Creed of a few months managed to give 55 concerts, but that the contractor is not going to stop. There is still a lot of unrealized plans and projects, which the impression that family guy has absolutely no time. But this is not true. For the sake of the people he loves, Hayley easily finds a few hours in your busy schedule. But soon, the singer acknowledges that such a schedule will have to be revised. And all because of the desire of Yegor to become a family man and a father: “Maybe in five years I will have a wife, a child. A couple of years ago, I had a strong desire to become a father. I wanted to be on the same wavelength with your child: when he is twenty, I will be able to converse with him on the same topic, will be able to be his friend. Guided by these considerations, wanted the baby sooner, faster. This wish is still not quenched, but now I’m to this question are “head”.

“Head”, as noted by Yegor is “to be Pope is not on Skype, not virtual, but real. Creed wants to personally help out with the baby, give him our attention, to educate, to see how the baby will grow as he utters the first word and begins to walk.

By the way, awareness of the importance of the family came to Yegor not so long ago. Says the artist, every year it grows, and therefore in his head is some sort of rethinking life: “I have tried to change their inner qualities to become more serious, calm, thoughtful attitude to all things, situations. I’m more Mature, gradually transformed from a guy into a real man.”


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