Egor Krid a change of profession

Егор Крид сменит профессию The musician decided to take acting lessons. 23-year-old Egor creed became the hero of the popular series “Hotel Eleon”. The singer hopes that in the future he will be able to play many different roles.
Егор Крид сменит профессию

Egor Krid’ve been thinking about how to master the art of acting and play in a feature film. But busy tour schedule and preparations for the third recital which will be held on April 7, VTB Ice Palace, did not allow to find the time. After 23-year-old musician took part in the filming of the new season of “Hotel Eleon”, he decided not to pull. Today at 19:30 at the CTC will show a series of Egor Creed.

“I’m studying acting with a teacher of the leading theater training institutions, – shared the singer with “StarHit”. – Now just are in search of. Small experience in shooting, I always play myself. In the future I want a completely unfamiliar character to try to become a different person or a superhero, for example.”
Егор Крид сменит профессию

Egor always selectively apply to projects in which involved. He admitted that he did not spend a lot of time to think and gladly accepted the offer.

Егор Крид сменит профессию“About the “Hotel Eleon” many have heard and even seen a few episodes, continues the artist. – So I agreed quickly. And know never regretted the decision: I like the cinematic atmosphere and a great team have allowed for a day to feel like a real actor.”

Despite the fact that creed is very much work – gives concerts, writes new songs and sings – he is willing to spend the time to become an actor. Egor creed: “I Have no time for stardom”

“You’ve got to sacrifice their time, their health, their strength for something big and cool. You can do a story, you can do more than just be an artist in our country! Show by example that everything is real, and leave a trail as globally as it sounds. It is the thoughts that I have in my head that motivate me to not give up and move on,” said the musician in conversation with “StarHit”.