Егор Холявин рассказал о причинах срочной госпитализации The star of “House-2” provide emergency medical assistance. Egor Holyavin undergoing some plastic surgery feel bad. The doctors forced him to take the tests to make an accurate diagnosis.

Today it became known that a former member of reality show “Dom-2” Egor Holyavin was in the hospital. The man was urgently hospitalized in one of clinics of the capital. Two days ago, he had another plastic surgery. This time the star of telestroke increased the chin. However, after that the condition of the men deteriorated sharply for the second day subsides, the temperature, and yesterday it got so bad that relatives decided to call an ambulance. Now Halavin is under the watchful supervision of physicians. “StarHit” contacted Greg to see how he feels.

“For two days I had a fever above 38 degrees, dizzy, galloping pressure, says a former member of the reality show. – I became very ill. Then called an ambulance. Doctors quickly arrived and took the decision to immediately hospitalize. It is now doing tests to ascertain the cause of such a sharp deterioration in health. The diagnosis is not yet known. As soon as I was brought to the hospital, got an injection and was given the pill to normalize the pressure.”

Not so long ago Yegor Halavin lit up the dream to make your look perfect. He was not afraid to lie on the table of the surgeon more than 10 times in order to look like Ken. “Now I have a swelling on the neck after surgery. I think that, in principle, it is natural after surgery. Don’t know whether the worsening of my condition with the plastic or not, I have not yet contacted a surgeon. Only today was able to charge the phone and gradually go bond,” said the man “StarHit”.

Yegor is happy to talk about how to pass his operation on the fundamental change of appearance. He keeps his fans abreast of what he’s going for the sake of beauty. Victim of plastic surgery Yegor Halavin admitted who provides it

“And now Ken is already at work, wrote Halavin shortly before admission. – You have Golden hands my doctor, professional and just a wonderful person. Thank you to those who worried about me, I really appreciate your support. PS: Mommy I love you, don’t worry so much. Everything will be fine, I promise you.”