Egor Holyavin told about his new lover

Егор Холявин поведал о своей новой возлюбленной
Fans of the famous reality show “Dom-2” with interest watched as Egor Holyavin sought reciprocity Marina Africanoboi.

Егор Холявин поведал о своей новой возлюбленной

Egor arranged the girl a lot, giving gorgeous bouquets of flowers, was invited on a romantic date, but Marina nevertheless remained indifferent to it.

After leaving the TV show fans eagerly awaited information about the new beloved of Yegor, and here only the other day a young man decided to openly talk about the loved one.

“Her name is Catherine Bahalina. Many already know her as my friend, colleague and Manager. We do have relations with. Let’s call them so: love-business. We’re always together and do everything together: go to rest, go to events, drive the same car. We even have a General budget”, – said Halavin.

We wish the young people to have their relationship developed into something more.

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