Егор Холявин о погибшей после интимной пластики: «Любой наркоз может стать последним» Ex-reality show participant suffered 16 plastic surgeries. Despite the fact that Egor Holyavin trust the doctors, he understood – all the responsibility for the outcome of surgical intervention will be based on it. After death after plastic surgery star telestroke encourages more attentive to their own health.
Егор Холявин о погибшей после интимной пластики: «Любой наркоз может стать последним»

39-the summer citizen of Kirghizia has addressed to doctors with a request to intimate plastic. Such operations became not so rare, but because the patient without fear trust 66-year-old employee of the clinic with 20 years of experience. However, after the injection of the anesthetic drug lidocaine, the woman died. Investigators opened a criminal case, according to preliminary data from medical institutions lacked the necessary license for conducting such kind of surgery.

Former participant reality show “HOUSE-2” Egor Holyavin not so long ago ventured to intimate plastic. In his case, nothing happened – he achieved the desired result, but nevertheless urges everyone to think several times before going for the surgery.

“I’m sorry dead woman, so I want to encourage people who are thinking about similar operations, it is very good to think, to weigh the pros and cons, because any surgical intervention, the anesthesia may be the last in their lives. Let us not forget those instances when customers are dissatisfied with the result, trying to fix medical errors,” – says Egor in conversation with “StarHit”.
Егор Холявин о погибшей после интимной пластики: «Любой наркоз может стать последним»

On account of Holavina 16 plastic surgeries. He admits that he was aware of all the risks that it could wait for after surgical procedures. Greg thinks that health should be treated carefully as possible, passing all the necessary examinations. However, even this may not always be a guarantee one hundred percent successful result of the operation.

“I realized that if something goes wrong, it will only be my fault. We all sign before the surgery document which States that if something happens, take full responsibility for yourself. In my case everything was successful. Intimate plastic I held in two stages under local anesthesia. Yes, I endured 16 operations. Was pain and bleeding, and hematomas are all minor compared to what could be,” admitted Halavin.

The former participant “Houses-2” believes that intimate plastic surgery is becoming more common, and people do not hesitate to contact the experts in order to fix some of the shortcomings of his body.

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