Egor Holavina threatened by an attacker

Егору Холявину угрожает злоумышленник
A former member of the famous TV project “Dom-2” Yegor Halavin after the departure of the project has changed dramatically, losing weight and having plastic surgery.

Егору Холявину угрожает злоумышленник

Recently Egor told about that in a long time he pursues the enemy.

The attacker is trying to scare Holavina, threatening and blackmailing him.

“It’s been more than six years. I just went crazy. This man terrorized and drove me especially. Once he even rigged my car. I’m out, and there’s a beautiful box with a bow… the day before sent the message: “Wait, tomorrow is a bum”. The criminal case was brought to my lawyer, he also planted the bomb. Apparently, the police waited until a bullet will find me,” – said the young man.

Yegor is trying to trace the attacker, but fails.

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