Egor Druzhinin with the scandal left the project “Dances. Battle of the seasons”

Егор Дружинин со скандалом покинул проект «Танцы. Битва сезонов» One of the mentors of the project decided to leave the show. He did not agree with fans of the program “Dance. Battle of the seasons”, as they often do not vote for the talented, in his view, the participants. Calling it an injustice, Druzhinin has declared that leaves.

      Егор Дружинин со скандалом покинул проект «Танцы. Битва сезонов»

      Yesterday’s shooting of the project “Dances. Battle of the seasons” over the scandal. It was initiated by one of the mentors of the project Egor Druzhinin. After the results were announced the audience vote, Egor sharply expressed to the fans of the project. He stated that he did not agree with the verdict of the audience and this injustice causes him to leave the show. In protest, the coach took all of his team members and left the shootings, warning that it does not intend to continue to participate in them.

      The management of the TV channel “TNT” Comedy Club Production today is negotiating with a scandalous mentor, hoping that he would agree to come back and the shooting will be resumed. Due to the fact that no one has confidence that the project will not close, the administration shows temporarily cancelled the public vote.

      Typically, mentors and choreographers of the project have said on numerous occasions the bias of the audience voting. In their view, often the fans project giving the wrong assessment of the numbers of contestants, which the show has to leave the strongest of dancers. So a week ago, the audience was kicked out of two talented, according to mentors, the girls – Alice Dotsenko and Yulia Nikolaev. And Egor, and Miguel were strongly disagree with the opinion of the audience, but the girls still had to say goodbye to the show.

      What is happening on the set were shocked not only dancers from both teams, leading Laysan Utyasheva and spectators, but also invited to judge TV presenter Olga Buzova.

      “I don’t know how the producers will continue the show, commented on the incident, the girl in his microblog. – Today made me look at dancers in a new way, some I really liked, though I was indifferent to them. But after this is found only in the unknown…”

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