Egor Druzhinin has explained the reason of incident on the show “Dancing”

Егор Дружинин объяснил причину инцидента на шоу «Танцы» Last week, the choreographer declared that do not agree with the results of the audience voting and walks away from the project. Leaving the hall, he took a team member on the project. In an interview with, the mentor explained why they did it.

      Егор Дружинин объяснил причину инцидента на шоу «Танцы»

      On Saturday the program “Dances” on TNT channel ended on a sharp note. After the audience voted against further participation in the project of the talented dancer Dmitry Maslennikov, jury member and mentor one of the teams show Egor Druzhinin literally flipped out. He took all his team, and deliberately left the scene.

      Many fans of the project, not seriously disturbed and are now wondering what will happen next. It is expected that the shootings will continue, but the producers will make changes to voting rules. However, this information is not yet confirmed. Yegor Druzhinin first told reporters why he behaved so sharply at the last concert.

      “You have to understand that what happened on the air is a completely spontaneous expression of emotions. I wouldn’t call it a scandal, because my decision was justified. As practice shows, the audience voting is not an objective, and continue in the same spirit, then, of acquiescing to what is happening and watch as the best from your team leave,” explained the choreographer.

      According to Druzhinina, the public vote often depends on how much like a participant in social networks, so the fight in this case is not connected with the talent of the dancers. And this is very unfair, because on the show the guys hard learn new moves, wanting to surprise the viewers at the new concert room interesting. In turn, a mentor very negative about the idea of Maxim Nesterovich to get married during the period when in the air “battle of the seasons”. According to Yegor, a young man could do in between seasons.

      According to Druzhinina, the format of the show “Dancing” was different from other similar programs, as in this project, one team competed with another under the guidance of mentors, and the audience voted for those who will stay and who will leave the project.

      “It is a mistake to think that we, teachers, decide who will continue to participate, we just save of a party when it nominated the audience. But who came up with the idea to give all the reins to the audience”, – Egor wondered during an interview on radio Energy.

      Nobody gives accurate predictions about the continuation of the “battle of the seasons”. Marketing Director of channel TNT has confirmed that the scandal with the departure Druzhinin was not planned, and he was shocked when he learned about the incident during the recording of the show. Fans can only hope that the situation will be resolved and the project will continue.

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