Egor Beroev teaches communication with special children

Егор Бероев учит общению с особенными детьми The actor believes that the relationship with them – the key to mental health. Egor Beroev along with his wife, actress Ksenia Alferova, a few years ago established a charity Fund. Now they help children with mental disabilities.

      Егор Бероев учит общению с особенными детьми

      Actor Egor Beroev known not only for his roles in the films, but also the fact that a few years ago with his wife and a colleague on the scene, Ksenia Alferova was organized by the charitable Fund “I am!”. Now, artists regularly organize various activities in support of children with special needs. The Beroev believes that these guys are amazing, and they need support to appreciate their inner world, and all others not to experience stiffness in communicating with them.

      “I myself used to feel awkward, but I changed because I communicate a lot with them. You need to look at them, you need to approach, greet, embrace. No need to be afraid. Children with down syndrome are very kind, friendly, they have a lot of love,” says the Beroev.

      Furthermore, the actor believes that communication with special children is very important because in this he sees the key to spiritual health. He admires the fact that these guys special Outlook on life.

      Egor admits that the main purpose of them with Ksenia Fund – as often as possible to remind everyone that people with special health problems have the same rights in society. Despite the fact that the organization does not treat children, they try to help them in another way. Have Beroev has experience of employment of the young person with down syndrome. He helped the young man to find work in one of Moscow’s largest restaurants. After this success, the actor told that it was received and other requests for jobs.

      “Our main goal is to once again remind that we are living together with someone special, they will be on the stage and in the audience. We invite to the concert of all to the ordinary and the extraordinary children were able to communicate, play, – shared the artist with journalists in an interview with Metro. Is not a special event – only special, disabled, although I would have refused that word. Because it is difficult to say which of us is more disabled. There are people with disabilities physical, mental and disabled people of conscience. We call our children’s amazing, people with mental peculiarities”.

      Special children of the stars through the wall of indifference

      Among celebrities there are many celebrities who support children with special needs. Among them Lolita, Irina Hakamada, Konstantin Meladze and others. Actress Evelina Bledans and her husband Alexander Semin raising a son with down syndrome. They also arranged a video-course for parents of such children.

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