Egor Beroev reconciled with his father after 30 years

Егор Бероев помирился с отцом спустя 30 лет The actor has established communication with a relative. According to Vadim Mikheenko, they began to talk with Egor in the social network. Yet a personal meeting Beroev and his dad did not take place, but 65-year-old man hopes that they will see the New year.

      Егор Бероев помирился с отцом спустя 30 лет

      For the life of his son, actor Egor Beroev, 65-year-old Vadim I. Mikheenko long been accustomed to watch on TV. He left the family when the future star was two years old. All attempts to establish the relationship was over thrown by the handset… But the heart of his son was not iron, and he found the strength to forgive dad. Father Yegor Beroev “I’m Sorry, son!”

      “I was 5 years old was on Facebook – says the “StarHit” father Beroev. And, finally, Egor found me. Remember, I returned two months ago from the store has gone online, see a new messages “dear father!” and the painfully familiar face. Enlarged the photo and shouted: “Yegor, dear, have written!” My bliss knew no bounds, even forgot to clean the refrigerator purchased products”.

      Vadim Ivanovich lives in the village of Vasilyevsky Pskov region with the ninth wife Olga. “A joyous event shared with Olga, – continues Vadim Ivanovich. – She let’s me repeat: “whoa, you have a heart!”. I was nervous the first few minutes did not know what to say Egor… Then I remembered that the son of a native, he understands me like no other. And began to correspond with him about everyday. This is the last time told him how my dog Jerry got into a fight with the neighbor’s dog. I began to pull them apart, and I bend over not much. The benefit of passers-by was near, took him immediately to the hospital. There and patch me up… Actually try not to load your problems son, and to life to complain about worthless. Really I want to see my granddaughter Eudocia. Girl for 9 years, and I’m her only on a photo on the Internet consider”.

      Father Yegor Beroev came to Moscow in September for a couple of days – have passed a medical examination. “Yegor was very sorry that the meeting never took place. At this time he was shooting abroad, could not escape, – said Vadim Ivanovich. We promised each other at the first opportunity to gather in a family circle. By the way, friends are congratulating me, saying, finally with his son reconciled. I say to them: “we do not quarrel!” Soon the New year, of course, want to my gift was the meeting with Egor. But I understand that he has his own family, so my plans for the holidays – nail the hanger in the hallway”.