Егор Бероев в слезах обратился к друзьям в Рождество
The actor was driven to despair congratulations on the bright holiday.

Egor Beroev

Photo: @egorberoev Instagram Yegor Beroev

Egor Beroev was published in the microblog request to all friends, acquaintances and fans. The actor was asked to deliver him from “unaddressed” congratulations on the bright holiday of Christmas. He stated that he does not consider acceptable to send to friends faceless “funny and playful” congratulations.

“Friends! Today is a wonderful day! Try to avoid unaddressed messages… gifs… “funny” photos… “perky” congratulations… I know everyone is very busy, but these mailings no good, but garbage in your gadgets, our lives will not add. And all because they are unaddressed. Cheep personal congratulations! Albeit less, but they have heat! Thank you! Happy Holidays to you!” — congratulated friends Egor.

To Express the whole range of their feelings to the impersonal congratulations, he recorded a short video in which his eyes a fountain of tears (not real, of course). Many subscribers subscribers supported Yegor agreed with him that the unaddressed messages during the holidays, especially Christmas, are terribly annoying.