Egor Beroev and Ksenia Alferova fulfill dreams

Егор Бероев и Ксения Алферова исполняют мечты
In an exclusive interview the celebrities spoke about how they help children.

Егор Бероев и Ксения Алферова исполняют мечты

Egor Beroev and Ksenia Alferova, the founders of the Fund “I am!” and
friends — artists and musicians — held in
the heart of the capital’s annual celebration — “Amazing Christmas tree”. Good
annual tradition in Kamergersky lane
special children, their parents and guests dressed personalized Christmas tree “marvellous”,
“sea”, “heaven”, “warm” and others.

Toys the boys themselves had created in workshops
located in the popular theater cafe “Academy”. It was a real
holiday, with creativity, bright colors, singing, dancing, poetry reading and
merry mischief. One of the most active participants of the festival were each
Fund — Philip. At the festival
“Amazing trees” was not bored, sad, and cold. Loud and fun
the company was fed sweets and were treated to tea from a huge samovar present.

The main purpose of the festival was the collection of gifts, which
in letters to Santa Claus asked wards Fund – pupils of orphanages
for special children with down syndrome,
Cerebral palsy, autism. The gift collection will continue until December 22. For example, December 21 from
18 to 22 PM you can bring the gifts requested by children in letters to Santa
Claus, “Kofemania” on the Pipe. The list of gifts can be found on the website

Егор Бероев и Ксения Алферова исполняют мечты

When the celebration was nearing its finale, the founders of the Fund
Egor Beroev and Ksenia Alferova, has answered questions of readers of a website:

To us the event was attended by different children
special and ordinary. We learn to live and enjoy life together, and we

Such meetings are an opportunity to make friends, meet, understand the other,
unlike you man. Special children — primarily children, and
very talented. Opening their hearts, we become kinder, and therefore, the world
around us better. Letting them in the regular kindergartens and schools, we help not only them.
But currently, our common children. These children we need than we give them. They make us
kinder, more tolerant, cleaner. Parents of classmates of our nine-year-old daughter Dooney
always go to us for the holidays of their children, even asking them to take.
They understand that such communication only benefit.

Egor: In the beginning
Kamergersky lane we have a scene and a Christmas tree. And if you go further – exhibition
we and the rest of the holiday, helped implement the government of Moscow. It
called the #will come TRUE! It’s a Christmas photo shoot special children with their
regular friends, parents, brothers and sisters. All of them are on
these photos in some of their dreams on the spacecraft, on the sleigh of Santa
Frost, silver racing machines. This illustrates their innermost dreams.
Someone wants to be an astronaut, someone- the driver, someone in the circus.

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  • Егор Бероев и Ксения Алферова исполняют мечты
    Egor Beroev

  • Егор Бероев и Ксения Алферова исполняют мечты
    Ksenia Alferova

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