Ефремов расстроил свадьбу Дорошиной с Далем  The actress got married to young Oleg dal in spite of Oleg Efremov. In the life of Nina Doroshina happened one fateful meeting that had determined her destiny. In the movie dedicated to the movie star, told about her Affairs with famous men.
Ефремов расстроил свадьбу Дорошиной с Далем

Nina Doroshina his first and only love met on the set. She was 17 years old, he is 25. She was a student of the Shchukin school, he is a promising, ambitious, future artistic Director of the theatre. Nina Doroshina and Oleg Yefremov met on the set of the painting “the First echelon”. Neither he nor she never, as they say now, not officially confirmed their relationship. But friends and family always noted – for Nina Doroshina Oleg Efremov became the man of her life. In an interview with channel nearly ten years ago, excerpts of which was included in the documentary “the memory of Dorosini Nina”, Nina fondly remembered those shots. And speaking of Efremov, smiling, pointed his creative amorousness.

“I was 17… And Oleg 25. All are young, in love we celebrated two weddings there in the expedition – Tanya Doronin is married to Oleg Basilashvili, Isolde Izvitskaya for Edik Bredon… And Efremov. Well he did play, “snow white and the seven dwarfs,” and was in love with Lucy Krylov, did “the Seagull” was in love with Nastya Vertinskaya,” – said Nina Doroshina.
Ефремов расстроил свадьбу Дорошиной с Далем

However, close friends of Nina Doroshina convinced that the actress loved only Oleg Efremov, although he was twice married.

The first time it was combined by marriage with a young and intelligent Oleg dal. They also met on the set. Doroshina already served in the theater “Contemporary”, played in the best performances, and her favorite Efremov rarely and reluctantly allowed his actors to act in films. But Nina in the film “the First trolley” in the expedition to Yalta was released and he promised that will break, will arrive for the weekend. But I couldn’t. Upset went in the evening to the beach. The sea was rough, Doroshina swam, not stopping until the wave is not even close to cover. She could drown if she hadn’t saved Oleg Dal. The young actor – he was under Doroshina eight years, fell in love with Nina at first sight. They talked all night and in the morning he made her an offer. She suddenly, as many people have said, then, in their surroundings, in spite of Ephraim, agreed. Wedding have decided to play with the grandchildren of Stalin – Alexander Burdonsky and Hope. The celebration brought together the entire cast of “Contemporary”, and, of course, Oleg Efremov. People’s artist, Director Alexander Burdonsky shortly before his death in 2017 remembered a wedding party in your house.

Ефремов расстроил свадьбу Дорошиной с Далем  “Everything was fun and beautiful, but all the time was the dialogue between Nina and Ephraim. In the midst of wedding Efremov sat Doroshina on his knees and said, “I love you sweetie all the same to me.” Oleg Dal in a rage rushed out of the apartment, and Nina, Ephraim, and the other guests gone,” said friend Nina Doroshina.

Dal came back in two weeks. For some time they tried to build a family. According to friends, Oleg Dal loved, right idolized Nina Doroshina, and she was trying to accept his love. But I couldn’t. “I don’t like to remember their own personal relationships and to talk about them. But I can tell you – every tear, every care is stressful. I of course, very largely to blame, but if you think it’s completely gone in my life, I would say – no!” – said Doroshina.

After her divorce from Dale Doroshina a long time remained one. And then remarried. In fact, their long fan – illuminator of the theater “Sovremennik” Vladimir Tishkov. As friends say, he became her rear. She was a lifelong love of Oleg Efremov. And when he became very ill, Nina Doroshina was there.

Nina Doroshina died 21 April 2018 from heart failure at home. At the end of life the actress were actually alone. She outlived all their men, and the children never bore. “I’ve sacrificed? Well, maybe the fact that I gave birth to children. But I can say that I do not regret it”, she said in a recent interview.