Efim Shifrin has delighted inflated pressure

Ефим Шифрин привел в восторг накаченным прессом
61-year-old Efim Shifrin continues to tour, and his schedule for the next two years.

Ефим Шифрин привел в восторг накаченным прессом

Recently, Yefim his microblog published a photo, which showed inflated body, than has delighted his fans. In the caption to the photo, he explained, when it decided to exercise.

Ефим Шифрин привел в восторг накаченным прессом

“One day, during one of the next broadcast, I suddenly found that the screen to me looks completely unfamiliar and unpleasant to me. I was 35, and I realized that the scene is a man of indeterminate age, and fattening because of its formlessness almost repulsive. I was not myself. At the next concert hall “Russia” I asked the sound engineer Alex Sherman, the only one familiar to me rolling: “is it possible for an ordinary person to be like you?”. He said, “Why not?”and the next day we met in the gym. It was in 1993. Since I did not leave with the fact that people now feel free to call bodybuilding” – says Shifrin.

Despite a busy schedule Yefim trying to find time on gym classes.

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