Эдуард Успенский подает в суд на «Союзмультфильм» из-за «Простоквашино»
The author of the cult children’s books intends to achieve justice.

Premiere of the first series of the famous Soviet
the cartoon “Buttermilk” just a few days ago saw the light, but is in the top
news and in the center of the scandal. Author of books about cartoon characters — famous
children’s writer Eduard Uspensky, who gave the country not only Matroskin,
Ball and his Uncle Theodore, but Crocodile Gena Cheburashka and their archenemy
wicked old lady Shapoklyak, and also guarantee men — delivers
the company “Soyuzmultfilm” to the court.

“The rights they do not belong, and not belong to be.
Try to pretend that they have them, and the ability to act. Will definitely
to submit to the court”, — quotes RT words of the writer. Meanwhile, the creators continue favorite movie on many heroes
kindly put in the series finale titer, which was expressed assumption
“special thanks” — “for an invaluable contribution in the field of child
literature and the creation of the book “Uncle Fyodor, dog and cat.”

According to the “Soyuzmultfilm”, a total of
it is planned to create thirty new episodes of the “Buttermilk”. Episodes will be released
every month until 2020.