Eduard Uspensky is desperately trying to defeat cancer

Эдуард Успенский отчаянно пытается победить онкологию
Recently a popular writer Eduard Uspensky has revealed that he suffered a cancer relapse.

Эдуард Успенский отчаянно пытается победить онкологию

The man admits that for many years trying to overcome cancer. But every year it becomes harder and harder.

“You know, I a second time endure cancer. This is a very serious illness. So somehow I manage to survive, and so less easy to live. My friend have already died of cancer, he’s three years suffered. I had been treated. And when it’s very bad, running out the illness, I activate all of his strength, raised his entire family and somewhere to attack. To the next town or build it bath. Or something, so everyone was busy. It somehow saves”, – said the writer.

Assumption admits that he tries not to focus on illness, and pays the family all the time.

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