Eduard Uspensky is battling a recurrence of cancer

Эдуард Успенский отчаянно борется с рецидивом рака A famous writer told about his condition. According to the assumption, his health deteriorated. According to Eduard Nikolaevich, it tries to do everything possible to cure the cancer.
Эдуард Успенский отчаянно борется с рецидивом рака

Well-known Russian writer Eduard Uspensky said that he had aggravated the disease. The writer told how struggling with cancer for many years. The writer said that finds solace in working and communicating with loved ones.

Эдуард Успенский отчаянно борется с рецидивом рака“You know, I a second time endure cancer. This is a very serious illness. So somehow I manage to survive, and so less easy to live. My friend have already died of cancer, he’s three years suffered. I had been treated. And when it’s very bad, running out the illness, I activate all of his strength, raised his entire family and somewhere to attack. To the next town or build it bath. Or something, so everyone was busy. It somehow saves”, – told reporters the assumption.

According to the legendary writer, the disease, he tries not to pay attention, family and business take up all his free time.

“We’re like ping-pong to equal play. Here. It lasts quite a long time. And you know, there is such a law. The more often the event repeats, the greater the probability that it would repeat again. So the more often I manage to wriggle out, the more chances that next time, I’ll turn,” shared Eduard Nikolaevich.

The publicist also told the journalists of TV channel “Ren TV” about the work. “Poetry now is not very going to be honest. The poems require some kind of anger, internal energy, some flashing”, – said the writer. Eduard Nikolaevich shared the successes of her daughter that followed in his footsteps.

“She wrote a story about how my grandmother Shrek arrived in Moscow. She wrote briskly, as grandmother arrived, the porters were not, she was carrying a suitcase… Then we went to the zoo, to the Park of culture… my Grandmother running everywhere… Very funny story turns out. I want to offer it to publishers. It is, on the one hand, naive and children, on the other hand – very funny” – told the assumption. According to the writer, if publishers agree, fans of Shrek will be able to read about new adventures of your favorite character.

We will remind, five years ago, the media reported that Eduard Uspensky was diagnosed with cancer. The writer carefully monitor their health and regularly pay a visit to the doctors. According to some, he even had surgery in 2011. The writer thought that he was able to defeat serious disease

Eduard Uspensky about cancer: “All were silent, and now he’s mad”

Eduard Nikolayevich was born on 22 December 1937. He is the author of dozens of books. Russian readers call him “dad” crocodile Gena and Cheburashka. On account of the writer of such children’s books as “Down the magic river”, “Uncle Fyodor, dog and cat”, “a”security men”. The assumption acted as a screenwriter for some cartoons based on his works.