Эдита Пьеха экстренно госпитализирована The famous singer was in the hospital in St. Petersburg. Edita is under the supervision of experts. The doctors decided to keep her in the hospital to the treatment was more effective.
Эдита Пьеха экстренно госпитализирована

Today it became known that the famous singer Edita Piekha was hospitalized. The actress was put in the hospital. Apparently, the doctors considered it impossible treatment for women at home, but because they decided to leave her under the supervision of specialists until the, until she gets better. However, the singer unable to speak with reporters. She personally confirmed what is in a medical facility.

“I took away the aggravation of bronchitis, put in the 2-th city hospital,” said Edita.

Many fans worried about the health of Peha. For some time she suffered from pain in her back. However, the singer ironically refers to his condition. Last year, she noted a substantial anniversary. Despite its venerable age Edita gives concerts, gathering halls and delight the audience with their creativity.

“You know, I’m 80 years old – we need something to cheer for, right? So I have always stayed, and then got a little worse but nothing, I still loved, continue to perform, to bring joy to the audience. And health I do it, I go to the doctors to Western specialists, we solve problems. Recently concerned about the back – in my childhood I often fell and it does not go unnoticed,” – said Peha “StarHit”.

Also, the singer with a sense of humor is true to his enduring popularity. Despite the fact that it was replaced by the era in which everyone knew her songs by heart, many are still love songs in her performance.

“I’m too old for corporate events (laughs). Because there are usually young people who can undress, and I’m old and usually sing for those who listen my songs,” admitted the actress.

For many years, Edita lives in St. Petersburg. As reported TASS, in the Northern capital of EHA was hospitalized.