Edita told about the condition after hospitalization

Эдита Пьеха рассказала о состоянии здоровья после госпитализации The singer thanked fans for their interest. Edita said that already. Now the artist in perfect order, and even preparing to soon go on stage to please all their creativity.
Эдита Пьеха рассказала о состоянии здоровья после госпитализации

In early April, the information appeared that the singer Edita Pieha came to the clinic. As it turned out, she had an exacerbation of bronchitis, but because the doctors recommended for a while to stay under their supervision. For two weeks she needed help, but now she had returned home and told about his health.

“I’m home. Mad cough, temperature is normal. Now I’m fine. Still try to please all who care about my work. Thank you so much for that worry!” – said legendary Soviet singer.
Эдита Пьеха рассказала о состоянии здоровья после госпитализации

The actress admitted that she was admitted to the cardiology clinic just because the clinic cannot accommodate patients with her diagnosis. According to some patients who were in the same medical institution, EHA did not look very good. She promised as soon as possible to get in touch with fans and to put in order their appearance. Edita told reporters that the hospital lacked the necessary medicines.

Edita: “For corporate events I’m already old!”

“I feel poorly, cough badly. Can not recover, and the hospital does not have necessary medicines. Go to the pharmacy no one. Every day someone calls, asks, whether alive, not dead? And I say: “can’t wait”. Although the disease is very difficult,” said Peha.

But then Edite stanislavovne had to make excuses for the fact that relatives don’t pay her enough attention. It turned out that the singer asked correspondents on the way to the hospital to buy drugs for her, which she then gave the money.

“I don’t feel abandoned! The fact that I wanted to visit in the hospital and I asked them on the way to buy a bottle of pills. And based on this they concluded that I do not need your loved ones – say, have what some journalists to ask… But you know that’s nonsense,” – said then Peha “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.