Эдита Пьеха рассказала о нелёгком детстве

Even in his old age Edita was unable to reconcile with his brother. The famous singer admitted that he had done everything to establish a relationship with a relative, but the reconciliation did not work – brother Jozef does not want to know her, and that she blames her stepfather.

Эдита Пьеха рассказала о нелёгком детстве
“In my childhood my stepfather he was very spoiled. He considered himself the navel of the earth, and actually sat for two years in the classroom. In life nothing made up, worked all my life as a policeman, and is still living on a measly pension. I tried to help him, but he refused, saying that he is proud and help me to not take.
Recently I called him and he said, “Woman, I know you do not want.” But I forgave him. I’m stronger,” said Edita.

Photos from the family archive: Edita with her mother, brother Joseph and step-father

According to the artist, brother resents her due to the fact that the alleged curse of his father, his stepfather. 70-year-old Jozef disagree with the fact that his father was a tyrant, as is all of Edita. According to the brother, the sister should publicly deny the information that was published previously, but the fact that everyone has their own truth.
Peha said that affection from her stepfather did not wait – the man was always strict with her and are extremely gentle with her own son.
“Ian was an ordinary village man. His childhood was beaten, he would beat me up and think this is normal. To me, he often broke” — told the singer. In the same Jozef’s stepfather, on the contrary, doted.
Edita said that such a difference in the attitude towards them has not affected their relationship – józef she loved, and as long as the parents are not dead, they got on very well together. A black cat ran between them when due to the negligence Jozef (or intent) was destroyed the tomb of the father of Edith and her older brother.
Initially all buried separately: mother, father, stepfather and older brother. But in Poland for a place in the cemetery you have to pay. I didn’t know, and that would have given the money. But Joseph decided not to say anything and “save”. Reburied his father to the mother. And silent, when it came time to pay for the grave of dad and older brother. In the end, their graves destroyed! And now there are other people!” — said Edith.


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