Эдита Пьеха раскрыла правду о конфликте с родственниками The famous singer spoke about how he feels. In early April, Edita was forced to go to the doctors because of severe coughing and temperature. Now the star is gradually getting better. The actress urged the public not to believe detractors.
Эдита Пьеха раскрыла правду о конфликте с родственниками

Last week 80-year-old Edita made the fans seriously worried. People’s artist of the USSR was in the hospital due to exacerbation of bronchitis. The singer admitted that she suffers from a strong cough. Journalists contacted by Edita Stanislavovna, who asked to buy drugs. “I can not recover, and the hospital does not have necessary medicines. Go to the pharmacy no one,” complained a celebrity, adding that the disease is progressing.

Peha’s words caused a storm of emotions in her fans. Many sincerely wondered how a star could be without the help of relatives. Some even suspected that Edita had a fight with loved ones. Later, the artist revealed the truth about alleged disagreements with members of his family. The singer urged not to believe everything that gets a lot of publicity. According to Peha, she just asked correspondents to go to the pharmacy.

“Oh… I Urge you to not believe it. I did call the journalist from the TV channel and asked only if I have enough. Well, I asked him if he shouldn’t be too hard on the way to pick me up a pack of the most simple pills that are sold in every pharmacy… And then I gave him the money. That’s the whole story,” said Edita in a recent conversation with journalists.
Эдита Пьеха раскрыла правду о конфликте с родственниками

The actress added that her family was busy, so couldn’t help. “But I nothing do not see,” said Peha.

Fans of Edita worried about her health and wish that celebrity quickly went on the amendment. “We’ll be looking for a new meeting with you! You are our joy, hope and inspiration, Because she is 80 years old! What is brave. Health and success”, commented on the Network.

Meanwhile, in one of the pages in “Vkontakte” appeared the information that Edita lies in cardiac surgery, because the hospital where she is treated no bronchial branch. “Very not good (according to nurses). What I? Found where to put it. Such a horrible hospital I have not seen. No drugs, all buy themselves in the hospital pharmacy at exorbitant prices,” said one of the patients. However, she Edita’s not complaining. The artist, by contrast, says quite pleased she rendered medical services.

“I was brought with high fever. Now it was a hit. Without temperature well, but the home you really want. To their dogs,” says the star reporters.

Talking to reporters, EHA thanked the numerous fans for their support. The singer also said that the full plans. “I will be fine. And 31 July in the Great October hall set up a meeting,” – said Edita.

According to “the St. Petersburg diary”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and the public “Kolpino”.