Эдита Пьеха отказалась отдавать свои платья в Эрмитаж

But it has shown its old and very sexy costumes Woman’s Day! “I like Gorgol, do not part with their outfits,” made an unexpected confession singer.

In St. Petersburg will soon be the real Museum of fashion and costume. Meanwhile, fans of designer outfits can discover the original works of art created by Vyacheslav Zaitsev. The Manege of the Small Hermitage (Dvortsovaya emb., 36) – an exhibition of Vyacheslav Zaitsev in the Hermitage”.

Perhaps some of these works will become the basis of the composition of the fashion Museum. As the collection of the St. Petersburg designers Tatyana Parfyonova, Lilies, kisselenko, Stas Lopatkin, Janis, chamalidi. But the real highlight of the show could be the concert dress main stars from St. Petersburg, the beloved singer Edita Piekha.

According to rumors, such a request to the singer addressed personally by the Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky. But Peha Piotrovsky refused! Although the dress she is simply exceptional! And some outfits sewed himself birds with one stone!

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“I don’t part with their dresses. They’re mine! I hope they will not give up, ” said Edita Woman’s Day. – To me, by the way, nobody addressed with such a request. Although I also heard that my dresses would like to exhibit at the Hermitage. But I will not give up their dresses. They are mine, my story. I have built a separate building – the pavilion of memories”. We can say a branch of the Hermitage. I’m kidding, of course. But I like Gorgol, don’t want to part with their dresses.

In the “hall of memories”, says the singer, she uses about a hundred dresses. And it was even more. But during the Soviet era, the costumes in which she appeared on the stage, sewed on the order of the energy. So with these outfits the singer had to leave. “They destroyed everything,” – with a hint of sadness in his voice adds the singer.

“I have all dresses are favorite. Each lifts my spirits. I cherish them – this is my second skin. They along with me are worried. They’re just inanimate – says Edita.

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