Edita on the problems with his legs: “What nonsense?”

Эдита Пьеха о проблемах с ногами: «Что за глупости?» The famous singer is concerned by all the fans with his appearance at the festival in Jurmala on the arm of his grandson. Numerous publications have decided that Edita can hardly walk herself, so needs support. The actress said “StarHit” how feels.

      Numerous publications reported that the people’s artist Edita problems with the legs: she could hardly move independently. 78-year-old singer appeared accompanied by grandson Stas at the festival in Jurmala. The young man carefully kept the woman under the arms. Photographers captured the moment, and the journalists made a conclusion that the singer has serious health problems.

      “StarHit” decided to clarify the situation, therefore, the writer contacted Edita and learned feels like a star.

      “What nonsense? The leg injury is the story of a decade ago. In total, I had six fractures of legs, arms and ribs. During one of the concerts hit the hardwood screen, thought she was out of fabric – and here is the result. But to all the concerts I went by myself, without help. At the festival in Latvia, organized by Laima Vaikule, my grandson carefully ran up to me and took my arm. This does not mean that I can’t walk, isn’t it? He just wanted to accompany his grandma Stas well brought up”, – said the singer.

      Photo published by Stanislav Peha (@wolfieha) Feb 16 2016 at 4:50 PST

      In just 10 days Edith will be celebrating her birthday. Traditionally, the holiday she will spend on the stage. “For those who still believe the rumors, come to my big concert, which is traditionally held on July 31 – the day of my birth on the Big stage of the concert hall of St. Petersburg. Will be released in all its glory! Every day I walk 8 miles, and feel great,” said Peha.

      By the way, this isn’t the first time there are rumors about health problems of the Edita. A few years ago the information appeared that very soon the artist will stop his concert activity, as the doctors advise her to be overwhelmed. In 2014, the artist underwent surgery for joint replacement and heart attack. After examination in one of clinics of St. Petersburg, Edita once again able to return to the stage.

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