Эдита Пьеха: «Если откажут ноги, буду ходить на протезах!»

The singer has denied the news that can’t move without assistance. And threatened journalists negligent by the court.

Alarming news came from Jurmala: supposedly Edita denied his feet and the singer cannot without assistance not that go onstage, but also to overcome a speed bump.

“Hot” the news immediately spread around by the Internet. And he hurt the singer: no one even bothered to verify the information.

“My legs, thank God, their. And if denied, the dentures will walk!” – indignantly said Edita Woman’s Day and admitted that the publication of the “yellow media” hurt her to the quick.

“In General, these journalists would have cost to sue – said in an interview with Woman’s Day the legendary singer. That is ridiculous and nonsense! I’m not Maresyev! Feet I order, and I go where I want.”

By the way, in Jurmala, where Edita was performed in the framework of the festival “Laima Vaikule. Jurmala. Rendezvous”, the audience gave her a standing ovation. And this, according to the singer, says a lot.

“Say it again: my feet are healthier healthy! Yes, a few years ago I had a fracture. So he got together a thousand years ago. Apparently, someone wants me to rot here and looking for the cause. I had six fractures. Now let them write that I am not able to live after this, ” continued to resent Edita. – Rooting I’m not going. One day I will fall asleep and not Wake up, only such a death wish for yourself. And the disease is not me.”

Recall that in 2013, Edita had surgery to replace the knee joint. Problems with it began ten years before that, after breaking one of the many dogs of the singer waving his head struck the mistress on the knee that surgeons collected its literally in pieces. Bone fragility Edita explains the shortage of calcium in the body, affected hungry French military childhood. And the age makes itself felt.

And most importantly: July 31 Edita will be a big solo concert in the concert hall “October” which it traditionally gives to your birthday. She turns 79 years old! And the singer will come of itself, without any help – you’ll see!

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