Эдита Пьеха прокомментировала сообщения о плохом состоянии здоровья

On the eve of the domestic media published the news that star of stage Edita experiencing health problems. “Express-Gazeta” wrote that the Edita refused his feet. The journalists managed to contact the artist and she agreed to comment on these reports. However, did it with a certain irritation.

“My legs, thank God, their. And if denied, the dentures will walk!” said Peha. “In General, these journalists would have cost to sue – said the legendary singer. That is ridiculous and nonsense! I’m not Maresyev! Feet I order, and I go where I want.”

“Say it again: my feet are healthier healthy! Yes, a few years ago I had a fracture. So he got together a thousand years ago. Apparently, someone wants me to rot here and looking for the cause. I had six fractures. Now let them write that I am not able to live after this, ” continued to resent Edita. – Rooting I’m not going. One day I will fall asleep and not Wake up, only such a death wish for yourself. And the disease is not about me.”, summed up Edita.

Verify that the news about health problems Piekha came after her visit to Latvia. Like, there was seen backstage, the singer traveled by men, which, under one hand carefully keeping the idea, and second was carrying her things. As it turned out, this man was the grandson of Peha Stas, who just cared about the grandmother: “At the festival in Latvia, organized by Laima Vaikule, my grandson carefully ran up to me and took my arm. This does not mean that I can’t walk, isn’t it? He just wanted to accompany his grandma Stas well educated”.

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