Edita grandson reproaches for the carelessness

Эдита Пьеха упрекает внука за невнимательность The famous singer spoke about the character of his relative Stas. The young man followed in the footsteps of the famous grandma and also decided to become an artist. According to Edita, who, like many artists, sometimes only thinks about himself.
Эдита Пьеха упрекает внука за невнимательность

This year people’s artist of the USSR Edita Piekha celebrated its anniversary. The famous singer was 80 years old. Brilliant artist never ceases to delight fans of outstanding performances and numerous interviews. Recently, the singer talked to reporters and told them about the relationship with loved ones and support them. By the way, Edita had a great-grandmother, and she doted adorable kids – four-year-old Victoria and three-year-old Peter.

Relatives Piekha constantly encouraging her attentions. However, as it turned out, the same thing cannot be said about the grandson of the legendary singer. Edita told about the disadvantages of young men.

“Stas is selfish! Like all artists, he loves himself, unfortunately. And it is a good idea. You have to love his audience, to bow low to them because they come to hear you, bring flowers. To appreciate fans for what they have elected you to worship your songs, your art. How respected and appreciated their fans Leonid Utesov, Claudia Shulzhenko, Alexander Vertinsky, and today it is very difficult to say who loves his audience! If you respect those who come to your concert, then life on the stage you provided,” – said the singer.
Эдита Пьеха упрекает внука за невнимательность

Edita also says that she rarely get to see my great-grandchildren. According to the famous singer, they live far enough away from her. “Peter’s mom and grandmother is now resting, he’s a little boy, he needs to grow stronger. Vasilisa in the country with her grandmother at Narva” – shared the actress.

Of course, now you can communicate with the help of modern technology, however, Collins admitted that she is not friendly with technology. Edita prefers to use only the phone. The star joked that if she hadn’t had such a means of communication, the familiar would have to write her letters: “the singer Edite the village”. According to celebrity, for many years, she lives in the village near St. Petersburg. The artist believes that there is a great climate, which has a positive effect on people.

Edita: “For corporate events I’m already old!”

During the conversation with reporters Edita told about what is now engaged to her daughter Ilona. “She works hard, organizes festive events”, – said the famous singer, adding that the woman is satisfied with her activity. A close relative of celebrities happily executes customer orders and surprises their friends, writes Sobesednik.ru.