Edgard Zapashny three years hides the bride

Эдгард Запашный три года скрывает невесту Famous the trainer rarely leaves his beloved in the light. Edgard Zapashny for a long time skillfully concealed her to. She works as an administrator in the Circus of Zapashny brothers.

      Эдгард Запашный три года скрывает невесту

      The trainer managed to escape from the paparazzi cameras and to hide privacy for several years. Only last year, 39-year-old Edgard presented to the public two children, stating that the separation from their mom’s own fault. And did not lie. How do I find “StarHit”, Zapashny is already three years in a relationship with 25-year-old lady with Yaroslavna. The affair erupted in July 2013, two months later after the may 2 civil wife Olga gave birth to Zapadnomu youngest daughter Gloria. To this couple four years together, and that in 2011 was born their daughter Stefania.

      Mom’s trainer told the “StarHit” that my son has very serious intentions in respect of Yaroslavna. “Edgard long ago introduced me to the Kiev, I really like it,” says Tatyana. – Kind, quiet, not that we are restless! She has a good figure, she is beautiful, bright girl. And most importantly, happy with her son – I do not need more!”

      As it became known “StarHit”, Edgard and Yaroslavna were introduced by a mutual friend. Today, the girl helps the trainer working as an administrator in the Zapashny brothers Circus on Vernadskogo. While the pair never have kids, but raising a pet turtle named Fluffy. “All give birth to dogs and cats, and we – the dinosaurs!” commented Yaroslavna the appearance of unusual animals in the family. Sorry girls, have favorite tight tour schedule. The last time they rested together in April 2014 – Edgard and Yaroslavna spent two weeks in Mexico. And in the journey to the island of Zanzibar a month ago Yaroslavna had to go with a friend. “Because of the work of Edgard couldn’t go…” explained the brunette the absence of a knight on vacation.

      In December the circus came out with his beloved Olga. Moreover, he was close to make the girl a proposal of marriage. Then he talked about how he’s going to marry in the next year, because I would like to bind themselves by legal marriage to 40 years. By the way, now the actor has two daughters from his former civil wife Olga. Despite the fact that relatives were more than confident that after the birth of daughters, he and wife will go down the aisle. However, the Union collapsed.

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