Эдгард Запашный спас жизнь незнакомцу Famous trainer is not indifferent to the misfortunes of others. Edgard Zapashny helped the young man get home. He could not indifferently pass by the guy who was lying in the snow in the cold.
Эдгард Запашный спас жизнь незнакомцу

Known trainer Edgard Zapashny told about what happened to him the night before. On one of the streets of Moscow, he noticed a young man, who was lying in the snow. Apparently, the Zapashny knew immediately that something had happened and rushed to help. Probably, Edgard helped the stranger to his feet, but he couldn’t keep his balance due to heavy intoxication and once again fell on the sidewalk.

However, the famous animal trainer left the guy in trouble. He urged his followers on Twitter will also be accessory to others. However, Zapashny is also quick to warn against those who prey on the very trusting people.

“Was driving the car, he was lying in the snow. Couldn’t pass by. In General, we walked together for about half an hour around MSU in search of a hostel! Overall he’s a good guy who just went through 25 years of ELCA! What am I? Help these poor alcoholics, or just freeze on the street! PS But do not rush to help immediately, make sure that the man needed help, not if he planned something bad against you!” – written by Edgard.
Эдгард Запашный спас жизнь незнакомцу

Fans admired the fact that the trainer did not regret the time to bring a stranger home. But they also began to argue that everyone should be careful in the use of alcoholic beverages in order to avoid such cases. Some followers began to share similar stories from their own lives when they had to help strangers.

“Edgar, respect! I wish the world only consisted of people like you,” “And I, too, I pass! It is necessary doctors will call! It’s OK!”, “The problem is that nobody needs! In all their Affairs and problems. Of course, now all the writing, Oh yeah Ah, but I’m sure such a unit, who would fit in this situation. Obhayat – Yes, or throw bad word in the address over his shoulder, and that is the act of a normal person with a good education and a good lifestyle, action, inspires respect, just to add nothing more! Humanity to all of us!” – shared his opinion of the subscribers.

However, there were also those who criticized the Edgard. They felt that the entry was posted only for the sake of vanity. Zapashny became silent and turned to detractors with a video message. He said that some people indifferent to others and refuse to help, not even trying to understand the situation.