Edgard Zapashny said the reason for the break with ex-lover

Эдгард Запашный назвал причину разрыва с экс-возлюбленной Renowned trainer rarely tells something about your family. The life of his daughters and the former civil wife kept secret. In an interview with the tamer of predators explained why he split up with the mother of his children, and how together they are raising girls.

      Эдгард Запашный назвал причину разрыва с экс-возлюбленной

      Edgard Zapashny he tries to protect loved ones from the intense media attention, so rarely tells reporters about his family. The actor grow two wonderful daughters, Stephanie and Gloria. However, the relationship with the mother of the girls from the trainer and did not work.

      Edgar and Olga met in Voronezh in 2009. She worked as a fitness trainer at the club, where Zapashny had to go. According to the artist, he immediately fell in love with Olga, they had children. But in 2013 the family started the conflict. Many say that it happened because of the new girls Edgard Yaroslavna.

      “We found a compromise and managed to stay friends for the kids. Decided that she will live with her daughters in a gated suburban town of Krasnoznamensk away from Moscow’s hustle and bustle. I live in Moscow and fully provide for the family. Three times a week Stesha Gloria and mom are in my circus,” said Zapashny about how they live after the break in relations.

      According to the trainer, he’s the one to blame for the situation. Edgard says ex-fiancee they try to make friends and communicate well enough. The woman had met a new love.

      “Olga is a beautiful, loving, loyal person. The split began three years ago after the birth of Gloria. We then converged, then diverged. But gradually I realized that feelings are not the same, the love is gone and I need something else. The initiator of the break was me. Of course, in the beginning it was hard, and then released,” recalls circus.

      Despite the fact that the life of Edgar and Olga did not work, they together pay great attention to the education of five year old Stephanie and three year old Gloria. Dad girls trying to spoil their daughters, and something they specifically refuse.

      “They are now the age when they run into some issues. I believe that we should not be waged on hysteria. Olga claims that changeable mood specifics of girls. A son would be, would have received a slap, and that’s that,” Zapashny shared in an interview with Wday.

      By the way, not so long ago it became known that the Edgard serious intentions concerning the girl Yaroslavna. She’s like his mother Tatiana Vasilievna, however, the pair still does not advertise their relationship and rarely appears at events together.

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