Эдгард Запашный празднует рождение третьего ребенка
In the family of the famous trainer Edgard zapashnogo happy event happened.

Эдгард Запашный празднует рождение третьего ребенка

The beloved 41-year-old zapashnogo gave him a son. Edgard decided to share my happiness with the members and left a message in the microblog.

“Today I in the third time became a father, and Kiev, respectively, mom! Now I have a kid! Thank you all for the future congratulations. The only thing I would like to ask everyone is not to speculate and not to dismiss any rumors about our Yaroslavna with the relationship! Personal life should remain personal. Thank you all again!” – wrote the trainer.

It is worth noting that Edgar meets with his chosen in 2013, in order to be near her beloved, she even got a job in the Circus of Zapashny brothers by the administrator.

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