Edgard Zapashny bought a gift for his great-grandchildren

Эдгард Запашный купил подарок для своих правнуков The trainer purchased the turtle, who lives 180 years. Five-year-old reptile was specially brought for artist from Africa. According to the circus that the animal will be able to educate his descendants.

      Эдгард Запашный купил подарок для своих правнуков

      The trainer, apparently, little work with animals in the arena of his own circus and numerous tours. Last week the 39-year-old Edgar zapashnogo appeared an unusual pet – a turtle named… Fluffy. Five-year-old reptile was specially brought for artist from Africa.

      “Now she only weighs 7-8 kg, still very small, even the sex impossible to determine, says Edgar “StarHit”. – In General, this species is the largest in the world, to live 170-180 years. I bought it for my grandchildren – it will be their headache to include and what to feed a giant tortilla! The impressive size it will reach around its 50 years. Build an aquarium here in the circus in the office – I will take Fluffy with them, so he is not bored alone at home. And in the apartment for an animal assigned to a small nook in one of the rooms, but generally he is allowed to walk anywhere. Eldest daughter Stephanie loves to play with him – all trying to raise, but it does not work”.

      When Zapashny will move into its own home in the suburbs, the turtles will appear more spacious enclosure. “I am currently finishing the last finishing work – recently ordered a beautiful wooden staircase, and a family emblem, – the trainer continued. – Planning a housewarming party in late summer”.

      By the way, not so long ago Edgard Zapashny has informed that intends to radically change their lives. Circus performer said that close to having to marry the mother of his children. For zapashnogo relationship with sweetheart with curiosity fans and journalists. We will remind, about thirteen years a man has lived in a civil marriage with his leading actress of circus Elena Petrikova. Despite the predictions of friends, the Union collapsed. Edgar later admitted — this was his fault because he is not in a hurry to grow up and venture into the marriage.

      First serious plans for the future with Olga Edgar also did not build, and the pregnancy of the girl and did seem to surprise him. According to zapashnogo, have children they didn’t plan, but despite this, the idea of an abortion immediately refused and was determined to give birth. Now Zapashny wants to control it, but according to the trainer, Olga, and there is only one that he waited so long.

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