Эдди Мерфи станет близнецом Шварценеггера!
Fans waited for the continuation of a favorite movie.

Эдди Мерфи станет близнецом Шварценеггера!

Eddie Murphy

Photo: Outnow

Fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Eddie Murphy will get a surprise gift: the actors will star in the near future in one movie. Moreover, they
with one more beloved comedic actor Danny DeVito. Besides
get to see all three of them on set
the sequel to the blockbuster Comedy “Twins”!

The success of the movie “Twins”, released in the distant 1988
year, has long made its creators think
on to create its sequel. However, Schwarzenegger was constantly busy with something
shots, politics. But now he and 73-year-old DeVito finally
there was time to execute the planned sequel. And this time in the movie
there will be one main character, because, according to the scenario, the “twins”
Schwarzenegger and DeVito found another “brother”. It will
play Eddie Murphy.

During his recent interview, 70-year-old Schwarzenegger has confirmed
what Murphy has already signed a contract role in the new movie. “Eddie is just
stunning! We’ve met several times and agreed in principle
issues. Remains to clarify some details…” — said Arnold. What
for Murphy, he expressed interest in the project a couple of years
ago. “If all goes well and the script is so hysterically funny as possible
hope, I of course, agree to do it!” — said the actor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in “Twins”

Photo: Outnow