Эд Ширан пишет песни на всякий случай

Singer ed Sheeran visited the Irish show The Late Late Show where he told that he already as three years is a ready song for the franchise of James bond. The singer likes to be prepared for any cases, and if the Director need a theme song for the next part, he can find what you need.

Эд Ширан пишет песни на всякий случай

“At the expense of bond, I have written the song for three years, just in case,” says the singer of the hit “Shape of You”, confessing that to write it, no one asked for. The singer refused to say the name of the song, because he is afraid that his idea can borrow.

Sheeran admitted that this is not the first song that he wrote in advance. He did the same thing with Eminem. “I recently made a song with my eternal hero Eminem,” says Sheeran, admitting that even before the two decided to work together, he was thinking on that song. “I’m like, “If I’m ever going to work with Eminem, I’ll have a song ready.” The same thing will happen with the bond. If Sheeran will call and offer to write a song, he will be ready.

Sheeran recorded a song called “River” for the new Eminem album “Revival”. 21-year-old Haley’s father dedicated three songs on the new album and regretted that the early talked about her in his lyrics and used in the pursuit of popularity.

In many Eminem songs suggests that this album will be his last. “You can bring back the glory, but I don’t want to. I will release this latest album, and finish this… Perhaps it would be better to separate from shady” says the artist.

Эд Ширан пишет песни на всякий случай

As critics believe, the songs of the artist was a very emotional and personal. In them, he asks for forgiveness from his children (native in addition to Haley, the rapper several foster children) and I was in the hospital, being between life and death.

“Smile nice for pictures. Always cherish each other. I will always love you and will remain in your memory. Know that you will never forget me. Only do not grieve when I think,” reads the text of one of songs.

Eminem, as a loving father, very worried about his daughter Hayley, about which he wrote not one song. The girl is 21 years old. In the spring she celebrated her birthday, which appeared in a revealing dress, which of course was not liked by the father.

At this time, ed Sheeran visited Buckingham Palace to receive from the hands of the princes of Charles the Order of the British Empire for his services to music and charity. Together with the order of Sheeran received the title of Chevalier of the Order. By tradition, the honorary award will be awarded the Queen Elizabeth II, but she was at another event — the commissioning of the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth at the naval base in Portsmouth.