Ed Sheeran named his new single, “perfect”

Эд Ширан назвал свой новый сингл «идеальным»

Legendary British singer ed Sheeran has announced the release of a new single included in the new album “Divide”. It is noteworthy that the self-critical artist, he is very excited about his creation and anticipation of its presentation to the audience, among them his beloved cherry, her family, their friends, and also the couple of Beckham, with whom ed warm relationship.

In an interview with Dan Wootton ed said he will present his new hit at the festival in Glastonbury. Sheeran is confident that his new song “perfect love ballad”, and the whole album will suit the tastes of the audience.
By the way, ed again spoke about the film to which it is going to begin in 2019. To a journalist’s question, one of the famous stars he would like to take in the tape, Sheeran, don’t hesitate to answer:
“I’ve always loved Helen Mirren.. we could play in some kind of love scene. It sounds strange, isn’t it? But I’m not a very good actor, and she is a wonderful actress. Honestly, I doubt she would agree to that.”