Эд Ширан готов к отцовству

Returning after a year vacation the British singer ed Sheeran today for another one releases a new song and just like hot cakes in the morning and evening talk shows. Everyone can’t wait to see how he spent those twelve months and what his plans for the near future. So, in an interview with Beats 1/Apple Music 25-year-old actor admitted that he dreams of his little copies, that is, the offspring.

The issue of children arose when the show’s host, Zane Lowe, asked ed about the underground tunnel that leads from the house Sheeran in his own pub.
“The problem is that if I have children and I want to make a party, then it will go in the house, but I also want to sit with your buddies over a pitcher of beer. It’s a great idea to have two different locations close to one another” said ed. Zane immediately asked the singer whether he is ready to become a father.
“Ready for a long time, last year really wanted to. Wish I was full of plump chubby babies that scurry around near me,” said the contractor.
Wife Sheeran is his love of school and cherry Seaborn. They have been together for many years, and as ed said when they plan to have children, he was ready to take a break from music to devote himself to the family and fatherhood. About his sincere love for his wife, he also said.
“I believe that our meeting was a foregone conclusion, this was the case when I first so much in love with the right person. The catalyst for our relationship was the fact that my wife left a prestigious job in new York and returned to London to give a chance to place our relations. We went travelling and spent every day together for a year. I thought last year we had not seen for three days. Our relationship is very, very strong, I’ve never been so happy, I’ve never been so inspired. I feel that everything fell into place like it was supposed to be,” said ed.