Эд Ширан построит часовню для свадьбы с Черри Сибборн

In late January, ed Sheeran announced his engagement to his beloved former classmate cherry Sebborn. For weddings Sheeran will start the construction of a chapel on his estate in Suffolk, where he will host them with cherry wedding. This ensures that no unwanted persons during the event.

In a publication of the Daily Mail were documents that were sent to Edom in the local municipality Coastal District Council for permission to build. “Every person has the right to a place where he can reflect and pray in silence, to celebrate a family anniversary, to hold a wedding, wedding, christening and so forth,” — said in a statement ed Sheeran.

The chapel will be built in the Saxon style, whose design project was also at the disposal of journalists. The solution to this problem will be announced only in April.

Sheeran and Seaborn, 24, familiar since high school and recently began living together. “She’s very cool,” said Sheeran on the Ellen DeGeneres. “We have two cats, named Kalipo and Doritos, and they’re both very strange creatures. They sit just like humans. It’s very strange. When you walk by, they look at you.”

In addition, Sheeran very focused on work and not allow his free time, he spends with his girlfriend, to influence their music. “I’m focused on work and can not work under the influence, I can’t write songs under the influence, can’t give concerts under the influence — so the more I work the less. I worked my whole life to get to where I am and can’t lose it all because of something I do in my spare time.”

To cope with loaded touring schedule and helps ed family and girlfriend. “Next to me are lovely people and my beloved family. I get high.”

Most recently, ed presented the album “Divided”. Ed’s favourite song from the new album — romantic and touching ballad about love Perfect. A month ago, she released the official lyric video, and today he released the full clip. “Even in school I met one girl. This song is the story of my first love,” says ed. He even writes songs about nothing, they are all based on his life: “I take inspiration from everything that happens around me. Without exception, I do not focus only on the good”.