Each Victoria Karaseva said where she disappeared

Друг Виктории Карасевой сообщил, куда она исчезла
Almost three months ago the ex-participant reality show “House-2” Victoria Karasev last went to the network.

Друг Виктории Карасевой сообщил, куда она исчезла

The fans began to worry for Victoria.

Correspondents have decided to get information from other stars, Oleg. The young man explained that tori recently living in a new cottage, and there are problems with the Internet.

“Now Victoria and Fame are not together. Tori is out of town, engaged in the arrangement of life in your private home. Yet without access to the Internet, but in the near time intends to come back in the online space. Victoria also continues to pursue the recovery of lost health and work, preparing a new musical material and deals with writing your own books,” said Oleg.

According to him, Victoria went with Glory by Dvorackova.

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